We are still looking for missing manuals to preserve our beloved hobby called Candy Cabinets aka Japanese Arcade Machines aka our Hard Candy. Below you will find an overview of all the manuals and information we are still missing and are looking for. If you find something that is not in our webshop but is new, unknown but relevant to preserve please let us know through our contact page so we can help document that too. Thank you for your help and continued support 🙏.

NameTypeCompanyResource missing
Captain IVArcade Machine
CAPCOMOperating Manual
CAV System 60Arcade Machine
CAPCOMOperating Manual
CAVII OOB-60Arcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
New Concept IIArcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
OOB-50Arcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
PlayzassArcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
Q-GrandAm 25Arcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
Status 18Arcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
Status 25Arcade MachineCAPCOMOperating Manual
Madonna 33Arcade MachineIREMOperating Manual
Pony 29Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Pony 40Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Pony Mark II 19Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Pony Mark II 28Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Pony Mark III 25Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Pony Video GameArcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Table PonyArcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Table Pony 25Arcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Table Pony 25 VHArcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual
Lo-ProArcade MachineJalecoOperating Manual - Everything actually
Domy H.V.Arcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
Domy JrArcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
Domy TheaterArcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
Domy Theater 50Arcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
SauroidArcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
Game Zone OneArcade MachineKonamiOperating Manual
Arena SightArcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
ConsoletteArcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
Consolette 26Arcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
Cyber Lead IIArcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
Dynalive Arcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
ExcelcabinetArcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
ExceleenaArcade MachineNAMCOOperating Manual
LunariaArcade MachineSammyOperating Manual
SeychellesArcade MachineSammyOperating Manual
ToshArcade MachineSammyOperating Manual
Aero TableArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Aero Table T-26Arcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Blast CityArcade MachineSEGAFull complete manual
Megalo 410Arcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Megalo 50Arcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Net CityArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Net City UprightArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
New Versus CityArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Super MegaloArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
SwingArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
T-13 TableArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Love & BerryArcade MachineSEGAOperating Manual
Candy 18Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Candy 25Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Candy 26Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Candy 26 TableArcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
MV19SC-0Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo 25Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo 29Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo 50Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo 50 IIArcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo 50 IIIArcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo Candy 25Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Neo Candy 29Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
SC14-2Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
SC19-4Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
SC25-4Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
SCB-U4Arcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Video GameArcade MachineSNKOperating Manual
Egret 29Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
ML-5Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
MM-5Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
MT-2Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
MT-5Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
MT-8Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Teatro 37Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Teatro 50Arcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Teatro 50 EXArcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Vewlix VSArcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Video GameArcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Vewlix L AMIArcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
MBArcade MachineTaitoOperating Manual
Kyotaro 29Arcade MachineTecmoOperating Manual
Kyotaro DeluxeArcade MachineTecmoOperating Manual
UrbanArcade MachineTecmoOperating Manual
Video GameArcade MachineTecmoOperating Manual
CPS2 A BoardMotherboard
CAPCOMOperating Manual
SEGAOperating Manual
SEGAOperating Manual
SEGAOperating Manual
System SPMotherboard
SEGAOperating Manual
SEGAOperating Manual
1941: Counter AttackCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Mega TwinsCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
NemoCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2CPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Street Fighter II′ Turbo: Hyper FightingCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Gulun.Pa!CPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Pokonyan! BalloonCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter IICPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
PnickiesCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Quiz Tonosama no Yabō 2: Zenkoku-banCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Pang! 3CPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Magical PumpkinCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Ganbare! Marine KunCPS1 gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Cadillacs and DinosaursCPS Dash gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Warriors of Fate Sangokushi IICPS Dash gameCAPCOMGame Manual
The PunisherCPS Dash gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Saturday Night Slam MastersCPS Dash gameCAPCOMGame Manual
Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team BattleCPS Dash gameCAPCOMGame Manual
MS-2930MonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS-2934MonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS8-18MonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS8-25FMonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS8-29MonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS9-29AMonitorNANAOOperating Manual
MS9-29TMonitorNANAOOperating Manual