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Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: SNK Year: 1990
Dimensions: 680 x 850 x 1724 (with marquee) mm
Weight: 103 kg
Wiring Default: MVS
Current: 100VAC Power: 180 W
Monitor: Nanao MS8-25F, 25 in
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
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The SNK MVS U4 is an early '90s cabinet with a nice designed shape that has aged very well. It's made of nearly 100% metal, making it easier to restorate than plastic (also there is not much sideart to care about). I don't know of any cabinet that suffers from yellowing.

With the Toei TC-RM251S chassis in combination with a superb Hitachi tube it holds one of the most reliable and amazing arcade monitors ever build. The picture is very brilliant and crispy and has an outstanding contrast. Besides the Toshiba monitor in the Konami Windy this is the best 15 khz monitor I have ever seen. The Nanao monitors in Astro City and Egret candys are undoubtly really nice but this one's really high end. Be sure the original 25" Toei monitor is inside before you buy this cabinet.

Like in most candies the most important adjustments (brightness, contrast, rgb gain, horizontal/vertical size and position etc.) can be made via a remote control board located under the control panel.

Due to it's purpose of being designed for the MVS system, the monitor can not be rotated, as all MVS games are horizontal. Access the game harness through the front and the chassis through the back door. Though each component inside is arranged very narrow (maintaining the compact measurements of the cabinet), there's still enough space for even big PCBs.

Inside the cabinet usually works a 4-slot MVS motherboard. On the control panel which features 4 Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa Joystick for each of the two players you can switch between the games. The test and service switches and the degauss and power buttons are behind the big front door. The marquee box on top of the cab holds up to four MVS mini marquees.

The MVS-U4/25 is a hard to find candy and a truly adornment to everyone's collection.
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