Capcom arcade machinesCapcom is a well known manufacturer of arcade machines. Capsom was originally founded in 1979 as IRM Corporation by Kenzo Tsujimoto while still being the president of Irem Corporation. In 1981 the company underwent a name change to Sanbi Co Ltd followed by a new name change in 1983 becoming Capcom Ltd.

The name Capcom is a abbreviation of the words Capsule Computers referencing to the machines. Later on Capcom started creating games to go with their arcade machine and as a consequence is now known for making a couple of strong and iconic games out there where its origins can traced back to arcade history.

Important franchises are for example Street Fighter, Mega Man and Resident Evil. In the community there is a large fanbase for the games but also the game machines they have made in the years. Even today on the current generation video game consoles their games remain a strong name in the market but above all people love to play for the gameplay as well for their graphics. Although today Monster Hunter World is the highest sales generator we see that Street II is 14th best revenue creator in 1991 with 6.4 million dollar only surpassed by Street Fighter IV with 9.3 million dollar.

Capcom Arcade Candy Cab Machines:

Captain IV
CAV System 60
New Concept II
Q-GrandAm 25
Status 18
Status 25

Capcom Company Details: