Sammy arcade machinesSammy Corporation was founded in 1975 however they did not only make arcade machines, they also made slot machines. They started making video game as of 1990 and you might know games such as Viewpoint, Survival Arts and The Rumble Fish. It wasn’t long for Sammy to stop with arcade and start working on pachinko instead. Later on in 2004 Sammy merged with Sega into Sega Sammy Holdings. At that time they also created the Atomiswave which was a motherboard with cartridge system in arcade machines which eventually was the core engine of the Sega’s Dreamcast home console. With SNK taking the Neo Geo MVS out of commission they adopted the Atomiswave as the go to hardware for their machines.

Although Sammy does not have a long history in the field, they did leave us with some iconic styled games.

Sammy Arcade Candy Cab Machines:

Atomiswave SD

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