Joystick – JLF-TP-8YT
The JLF-TP-8Y is a high quality joystick made in Japan. It will suit any application from Vs Fighting games to Shoot’em Up. Many customisations are possible through the wide array of Sanwa and Seimitsu’s handles, the Sanwa’s shaft covers, and the aluminium shaft covers. Due to the quality of manufacturing and customization this is the obvious choice for fanatic gamers.

Default restriction plate is a 4/8 ways GT-8Y, but you can add an octagon 8 ways GT-Y plate for Vs Fighting games, or the 2 ways GT-2F for games like Galaxian or Space Invader.

You can choose between standard 5 pins connector, or 5 pins connectors with PCB connectors for easy connection to your joysticks USB encoder, or your Raspberry GPIO port.