Sega arcade machinesSEGA is maybe the oldest of all the arcade machines builders as its history started in 1940. It was founded by Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg and James Humpert and was first named Standard Games which focused on coin operated amusement machines. Due to the outlaw of slot machines in the United States the company relocated to Tokyo in 1952 to support US bases with slot machines. After that they expanded further throughout the world amongst others Panama, The Philippines and South Vietnam. The name SEGA was first used in 1954 as this is an abbreviation of Service Games which was the name they started using since after the war. The first time SEGA was used was on the Diamond Star slot machine.

In 1960 the Service Games company was disolved due to the investigation of the US government looking into criminal activities of companies involved in gambling. However immediatly after Martin Bromley founded 2 newly formed companies (Nihon Goraku Bussan and Nihon Kikai Seiz┼Ź) to take over the activities of the dissolved Service Games company. These companies acquired all of the assets of Service Games. Around 1965 SEGA purchased Rosen Enterprises with operated coin ops Photobooths and with that started to shift focus to coin operated amusement machines like jukeboxes, pinball (Williams) and gun games (Midway). Due to high maintaince of the machines SEGA started creating their own spareparts and eventually helped to start creating their own games. In 1973 SEGA released its first own video game named Pong-Tron. During the bloom periode of arcade in the 1970’s SEGA has grown quite nicely and therefore acquired Gremlin Industries which in that time manufactured microprocessor based games. In 1980 SEGA belonged to the top 5 larges arcade manufatureres in the US. In 1982 SEGA released the first isometric graphics game named Zaxxon.

SEGA Arcade Candy Cab Machines:

Aero City
Aero Table
Aero Table T-26
Astro City
Astro City 2
Blast City
Lindbergh Universal
Megalo 410
Megalo 50
Naomi 50 Inch
Naomi Deluxe Universal
Naomi Universal
Net City
Net City Upright
New Astro City
New Net City
New Versus City
Super Megalo
Super Megalo 2
T-13 Table
Versus City
Mushi King
Love & Berry
Dinosaur King

SEGA Company Details: