Tecmo arcade machines

Tecmo was a Japanese arcade machines and video game producer founded in 1967. In the early years they were a supplier of cleaning equipment. It was in 1969 that they started to sell amusement equipment. Tecmo released a list of iconic games which were Captain Tsubasa, Dead of Alive, Deception, Fatal Frame, Gallop Racer, Monster Rancher, Ninja Gaiden, Rygar, Star Force and Tecmo Bowl. In the early days Tecmo was actually named Tehkan and in that time also a couple of iconic arcade games were produced, Bomb Jack, Gridiron Fight and Tehkan World Cup. In 2009 Tecmo merged with Koei to form the Koei Tecmo Games company.

Tecmo Arcade Candy Cab Machines:

Kyotaro 29
Kyotaro Deluxe
Video Game (Tecmo)

Tecmo Company Details:

Went bankrupt in 2010.