Neo 25

AKA: Neo25
Related Models: Neo 19, Neo 29, Neo 50
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: SNK Year: 1994
Dimensions: 630 x 850 x 1368 (???? with marquee) mm
Weight: 89 kg
Wiring Default: MVS
Current: 100VAC Power: 120 W
Monitor: 25 in, 15/24 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
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I was able to get one of these not too long ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. It is wired for MVS, so if you are using JAMMA boards in it, you will need an adapter. It does not have a volume control inside, as you have to control the volume on the PCB. I primarily use this machine for MVS, but it does have the ability to be rotated, although it is not very easy to do and I do not recommend it. The inside of the cabinet is very spacious, and you can easily fit larger boards in there; I have a 4 slot installed and it fits with room to spare. If you are into Neo Geo, this is the cabinet for you- the cabinet is sturdy, yet compact, easy to move, and the MVS stereo sounds wonderful. Finding these beasts are difficult, but well worth it for a cabinet with a lot of potential.
Reviewer: Radiantsvgun   Edit
I Found this Cabinet for sale in a facebook market, Sadly it didn't come with the MVS system nor the original monitor, it was gutted to use MAME (I believe that with a little bit of patience everything can go back to normal with this baby)
Aside from that, the cabinet itself is gorgeous! the size is perfect for a small apartment or mancave and the 4 mini marquee light up beautiful.

the space inside is huge! it's build in a very sturdy metal frame, which is great, the painting haven't suffer any mayor damage, just the yellowish on the screen protector and the vinyls are a little damaged, but for it's age I think is very well build.
The machine has two wheels and handles both on the back and the sides, so you can carry it or move it without any problem.

Overall i'm the happiest man alive with my candy. It's definitely the best buy I've made in years.

Reviewer: Danny Void   Edit

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