AKA: CWC203, Crowin Case, Neo Mechanism Video Game, Crown Case
Related Models: CWC-201, CWC-202
Type: Sitdown Country: Korea
Company: Samducksa Year: 199x
Dimensions: ??? x ??? x ???? (???? with marquee) mm
Weight: ??? kg
Wiring Default: JAMMA
Current: Power:
Monitor: 29 in, 15/24 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
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Like most non-Japanese candy cabinets, these Korean-made cabinets are made mostly of wood, with the front parts made from plastic and metal. The cabinet features a rotatable 29 monitor.


I have had the pleasure of owning two CWC-203 "Crowin Case" Korean candy cabinets until several months ago. For non-Japanese candies, the quality is acceptable and offers everything you'd expect to find: sitdown-level playing, a rotatable 29" monitor, roomy interior, and an easy access control panel and adjustments. The monitor quality is great at low resolution, but also supposedly supports medium res, though I didn't get a chance to test it out.

Like pretty much everything from Korea, the cabinet is very colorful. The marquee and control panel have a lot of contrasting colors and the speaker grills are colored dark blue. The sides may or may not include side art (mine didn't), but if not they will have light gray vinyl instead, which unfortunately tears easily, but most people would prefer to just tear it off and paint it glossy white instead. The back door takes up most of the length of the cabinet, making it very easy to make adjustments to the inside without flailing your arms through the front door. There is also an on-off switch right under the control panel, which is very handy indeed.

One important note, although the front bottom portion is metal and the top part is plastic, the cabinet is 90% wood. That makes the cabinet a little blockier looking than most, but in exchange, they offer you handy shelves inside to put your PCBs. On the third story shelf rests the monitor chassis, as the monitor does not come with a frame (just wooden brackets). Don't let the wood fool you, the construction is quite solid.

Other issues to be aware of: the PSUs are supposedly a little flaky. Although I didn't notice this issue with mine, others have told me the voltages aren't always stable and the monitor requires an oddball voltage. Also, the control panel comes with Samducksa?'s very own brew of buttons and joysticks, which you may or may not care for. Finally, the JAMMA harness it comes with is slightly undersized, which will drive you crazy on some of your PCBs. All in all, if one or more of these issues bother you, you may find yourself replacing some of the internals, so if you can pick one up cheap, or are looking for a "first candy" I definitely recommend them.
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