Neo 19

AKA: Neo19
Related Models: Neo 25, Neo 29
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: SNK Year: 1994
Dimensions: 520 x 646 x 1340 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Wiring Default: MVS
Current: 100VAC Power: 100W
Monitor: 19 in, 15 kHz or 15/24 kHz a) Hitachi GMK-19FSN? (15 kHz only) b) Toei TC-HV19LMS? (15/24 kHz)
Rotatable: No
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ABS hood is integral part of cabinet -- if removed, the fluorescent light bulb and stereo speakers are accessible from behind the marquee mounts. Under the CP there are two clips, when undone they allow the CP to hinge forwards and the whole monitor surround can then be swung upwards and removed - You can then access the 4 mini-marquees and pots to adjust the monitor. CP is fitted with Seimitsu LS-33 sticks and Seimitsu PS-14-G snap-in buttons and should be in the MVS standard colour layout, it has 24mm P1-start, Cart-select & P2-start buttons, (all others being 30mm.) Inside there is a 4-slot mounted on a shelf (with the PSU & coin box below it). It is wired up in stereo and has a single cart select button enabled, there is no LED credit display board or MVS memory card reader fitted. Coin mech is a standard 100Yen, with a solenoid lock-out that prevents coin insertion if the machine is off. They pop up on YAJ from time to time and usually go for between 15,000 and 30,000 Yen depending on condition. They can be found by searching for SNK 19 or NEO 19 in the arcade hardware section.

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Owner Registry: Owner Registry: penrhos from www.arcadeotaku.com. A French forum group order did get a couple during 2008 so there are some in Europe. There are a small number known to be in private collections in the US.



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