Super Neo 29

AKA: Super Neo, Super Neo29
Related Models: Super Neo 29 Type 2, Hyper Neo-Geo 64
Type: Sitdown Country: Japan
Company: SNK Year: 1995
Dimensions: 710 (W) x 890 (D) x 1450 (incl marque 1927) (H) mm
Weight: 99 kg
Wiring Default: MVS
Current: 100VAC (50/60Hz) Power: 175W
Monitor: 29 inch, 15/24 kHz
Rotatable: Yes (no rotate mechanism)
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Artwork: SuperNeo29-Sideart  
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The SNK Super Neo 29 is a worthy upgrade to the original Neo 29. Although the shape has changed from boxy to aerodynamic, it retains the same accessibility options, same PSU, etc. The 90's art scheme is still here, but it has gone from squiggles to granite, and the monitor now autosyncs between low and medium res. The biggest cabinet change is going from the plexiglass over the monitor, to a completely exposed monitor, however, doing this sacrifices monitor rotation accessibility, which is no big deal. The cabinet is also slightly more compact than the Neo 29, but the back door is oddly-shaped to account for the monitor neck, which makes it more challenging to lay on its back when moving it.

What's cool about this cabinet is all the options available. The Neo 29 only had monitor size and JAMMA variations, but the Neo 29 has no 25", etc. variations and instead lets you choose between JAMMA ("Candy"), Type II (different artwork and Hyper Neo-Geo 64 ready), and marquee styles including 4-slot, long marquee, and even a hard-to-find version with an LCD monitor and camera built-in. The LCD monitor allows you to mirror the monitor image, use the video camera image, or use any input from an RCA source.

Unfortunately, the Super Neo 29 suffers from the same fatal issue as the Neo 29, which is the eventual yellowing of the plastic portion around the monitor. Otherwise, if you're into Neo-Geo or Hyper 64 games, this cabinet is definitely for you.
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