WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Sigma Fantasia 28

We have received message from our community that there is a rare and unknown candy cabinet to be discovered. Please find attached the Sigma Fantasia 28. We are looking for more information about this model, build, brand and manufacturer and if possible the service manual. Do you have any information about this arcade machine please let us know through a comment or through the contact page.

Any and all informatie is much appreciated to document and preserve this unique machine.



4 thoughts on “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Sigma Fantasia 28

  1. Hi,
    I saw these cabs on a pic some years ago. They were in a pretty bad shape but I was curious about these cabs as the model was not clear at this time.
    But some months ago, I remember Yaton sold some units. I will try to retrieve his post.

  2. Not really sure what you are asking for exactly. Just more general info?

    You probably already have all of this info but these were manufactured by Sigma. The company manufactured a number of cabinets and published a few games. They mainly manufactured cabinets for other companies during the Japanse woody mini cab craze and made LOTS of generic japanese cocktail table cabs. most notably creating the fabled cabaret sized cabinet for Konami’s Salamander. Their line of work was mostly relegated to cabinets. Game Fantasia was supposedly a game center back in the late 80’s through the 90’s so it’s likely these were created or customized specifically for Game Fantasia. They did one or two other candies. Sigma also published a few games, most notably Spiders and Pepsi-man.

    Jianming Yao on facebook currently has a stock of these for sale as of last July. They are in immaculate shape. I’m one of those weirdos that likes to document rare cabinets, mostly wooden cabs. I uploaded all of the pics i could possibly find on this cabinet to an album on Arcade-Museum.com

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